Bug-Off and Fishing Tourney multiplayer

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Bug-Off and Fishing Tourney multiplayer

Post by Big_Flamer » Mon Apr 27, 2020 3:13 am

Here are some notes regarding the Bug-Off and fishing tourney when playing with others (local/online play, not co-op)

Some background info:
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Multiplayer notes:
  • You can redeem event prizes from other player's event tourneys. These events offer a 3-point bonus just by having visitors in the town. Visitors can redeem prizes at the host's tourneys even when the event itself isn't hosted in the visitor's island.
  • You can earn points just by doing nothing. Well, that's partially true. At least one person needs to be catching so that other visitors can reap the rewards. Players can get the 3-point team bonus as well as the 2-point bonus if the total creatures caught is greater than two fish. So that means lazy players can earn 5 points per round if they rely on other players to do their part.
  • Visitors can earn trophies from these events. This is cool because the calendar for the tourney and Bug-Off is different for the northern and southern hemisphere, so you can host or participate in these events with your friends and Flick or CJ will still mail you those trophies for meeting the point goals. My primary character received all 3 trophies (bronze, silver, gold) from Flick and received 2 trophies from CJ (silver and gold). My secondary character, who just stood there doing nothing, still received bronze trophies from Flick and CJ from those "lazy" points.
  • Overall points carryover to future tourneys and Bug-Offs. My primary character only reached 100 points in his native fishing tourney. When he went to my secondary character's tourney, CJ remembered his point total. Primary character only needed 200 points to get the silver and gold trophy. This is helpful because the tourneys and Bug-Offs can be a chore after a few rounds. You don't have to worry about restarting each tourney season!
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